Our fantastic team

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Chuck Mitchell
President + CEO
John Smiley
Principal + VP operations
Annie Mitchell
Principal + Director of specification sales
Kris Klicka
Senior specification sales
Hallie Putterman
Specification Sales
David Roberts
Contractor + Distributor Sales Director
Dan Gwyn
Contractor + Distributor sales
Brad Reschke
Contractor + Distributor sales
Travis Ford
Contractor + Distributor sales
Kim Elias
Quotations manager
Adam Lanza
Senior Quotations
Jose Martinez
Kathryn Pennington
Senior applications
Ann Cheesman
Projects department manager
Tia Scott
Office Administrative Assistant
Janelle Carter
Specification Sales Assistant
Brittney Lane
Contractor + Distributor Sales
Lisa Devine
Project Specialist
Allison (Ally) Causky
Project specialist
Brian Mills
Controls manager
Teresa Deetman
Senior Project Specialist
Orman Sebor
Controls Technician
Tyler Macintosh
Senior controls specialist
Joshua Bluehawk
Controls specialist
Curtis Wright
Controls technician
Alvaro Mendoza
Controls technician
Chris Rynne
Director of theatrical applications
Steve Schmitz
Theatrical controls technician
Thuy Tran
Administrative assistant | AP/AR
Rhonda Stevens
Marketing support